Best Niche Industries Website Design Tips

There are website design staples that have become more and more respected as time has gone by (like adaptive design or responsive design), and then web design trends that have decreased in popularity. Part of this is due to the fact that some design styles can seriously bolster various industries—while others may drag them down in Google search results. Whether your niche is fitness, finance, relationship advice or creating cat memes, knowing proven web design tips for niche industries is critical. Remember: If you don’t know these white hat tricks, some of your competition surely will.

1. Embrace responsive design for desktop and mobile

Having an aggressive mobile design strategy can be tricky and may not be for every niche business. Not every company needs a responsible design for their mobile app, either. However, if you have something like a financial site that you want a user to pay attention to and interact with, they might find it a lot easier to navigate with a responsive mobile design. Take an informal poll of your customers or engage in a focus group to find out what they want.

2. Go basic with nav bars

Your navigation bar or “nav bar” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s that bar (well, usually a bar) on a website where there are tabs for “services,” “about us,” “contact,” and the like. People intuitively look to certain spaces on a website for this, almost always at the header or on either side. Some websites try to get creative and “hide” their nav bar or have it swimming all over the place.

3. The big image trend

A seemingly easy way to freshen up your website is by using a big image as your background. It’s easy to swap out so it looks like your website is always new and is really trending right now. However, big images can also cause big problems: Namely site speed and improper loading. Even if your RD has ensured that the image shows up correctly on every platform, that doesn’t necessarily address the speed issue.

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